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Media Praise for Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary
Secret Lives of Everyday Trees

“My favorite new book this season.” –Dominique Browning, The New York Times

“A botanical masterpiece.” –Horticulture Magazine

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to know more about this fascinating group of plants, both in the wild or in your backyard.”—Stephen Orr, MarthaStewart.com

“Vivid, fascinating botanical biographies.” —Reader’s Digest

"Hugo writes with real passion about trees, describing their qualities, flowers, fruits, barks, and unique characteristics, and including her own observations and experiments with cuttings and seedlings. She is articulate and enthusiastic, making this an ideal volume for beginning observers of trees." –Book News

“This fascinating celebration of trees will delight gardeners, botanists, students of natural history, and nature photographers.”—Library Journal

“The book to change us all into unabashed tree worshippers.” –Seattle Times

“A splendid book.”—Philadelphia Inquirer

“The only way I can describe my reaction to receiving Seeing Trees was like a child being taken into a sweet shop.”—PatientGardener.com

“A beautiful and exciting book.”—Commonweeder.com

“Hugo is articulate and enthusiastic, making this an ideal volume for beginning observers of trees. Beautifully produced and fascinating to read.” —SciTech Book News

“A whole new world of tree mystery has opened up.” —DangerGarden.blogspot.com

“You will begin to appreciate trees in a whole new way.”—ACharlotteGarden.blogspot.com

“You’ll be dazzled.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Absolutely gorgeous images and observations.” –HolosCollaberative.com

“On every page we see the miracle of seeds maturing, leaves unfurling, and flowers emerging. But moreover, this book teaches us what to look for when we slow down and take the time — what we can see in the scars of a leaf, the twig structure, and the pattern of the bark.” –PlantedAtHome.com

“You can't help but be bowled over by the beauty at play in the science.”–The Chicago Tribune