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Seeing Trees:
Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees

Seeing Trees celebrates seldom seen but easily observable tree traits and invites nature lovers to watch trees with the same care and sensitivity that birdwatchers watch birds. Illustrated by fine art photographer Robert Llewellyn, Seeing Trees describes some of the most charismatic tree structures (including leaves, flowers, buds, leaf scars, twigs, and bark) and provides in depth profiles of ten familiar species---including such beloved species as white oak, southern magnolia, white pine, and tulip poplar.

Trees Up Close: The beauty of bark, leaves, flowers, and seeds

Everyone knows what a tree looks like. But have you really seen the delicate flowers of the red maple, the emerging leaves of a tulip poplar, the twigs of a beech? When you look at a tree up close, a whole new world of form and detail emerges—you encounter beauty that you never knew existed, and you begin to appreciate trees in a whole new way.

Remarkable Trees of Virginia

Nancy Ross Hugo, Jeff Kirwan, and Robert Llewellyn spent four years visiting and photographing Virginia's finest trees. Remarkable Trees of Virginia is now in its third printing and available from the University of Virginia Press.

Nancy was a featured guest on NPR's With Good Reason Spring and Fall 2009. To hear that interview visit Remarkable Trees and Birds of Virginia

Windowsill Art: Creating one-of-a-kind natural arrangements to celebrate the seasons 

You don’t need a ballroom and dozens of roses to create stunning floral designs. Learn to use the windowsill as a platform for displaying locally collected flowers, fruits, seedpods, and twigs in ways that showcase the seasons and enhance the arranger’s understanding of design. With lush illustrations and explanations of her techniques, Nancy Ross Hugo demonstrates how this daily creative practice can improve observations, enhance creativity, and keep arrangers in closer touch with the seasons. Autographed copies available through The Arranger's Market.

Earth Works: Readings for Backyard Gardeners

A collection of Nancy’s most popular essays and columns, Earth Works offers monthly advice on everything from planting under walnuts to propagating heirloom roses, plus reflections on topics from toads to trowels. Available from UVA Press.